About the Contributors

Mary Kay McBrayer is a co-founder of the podcast, a belly-dancer, horror enthusiast, sideshow lover, prose writer, Christian, and literature professor from south of Atlanta. Mary Kay is a contributing editor at Book Riot, and authors their weekly horror newsletter, The Fright Stuff. Her first full-length novel America's First Female Serial Killer, but until then you can check out her other writing and presentations on her author website. She is not an animal person. 
TW: @mkmcbrayer

IG: @marykaymcbrayer

Rachel Louise Estridge hails from some nondescript, remote farmland where she raised vampiric cows. You know, like the ones in The Little Vampire. Please don't ask what happened to those cows because she really doesn't like to talk about it. Rachel now lives with her cats and her regrets in a cold ass city where you're not allowed to play Dropkick Murphys in bars anymore. She also enjoys collecting teeth and hanging out with the elderly (these things are not related).

IG: @reireijetplane

Mary Amelia Beyer is a host of the podcast and a director who got her BFA at NYU, so she's obviously had a career in youth mental health treatment and currently studies screenwriting. In her free time, she's known to mainline good shows, write movies and TV shows (her WIP is going excruciatingly, thanks for asking), spill red wine on herself while Priming, and wikipedia serial killers.

She USED TO BE scared of horror movies like a big dumb baby, but now she goes lookin' for a good bump in the night HEYOO!

TW: @ladydottiewine

IG: @ladydottiewine

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